Join us for WurmJam - Liero Hackathon 2023!

Starting on October 29 we will be hosting a virtual hackathon on WebLiero where we will encourage each other to work on fun Liero-related things! The jam is set to last for one week (seven days) two weeks (fourteen days). Here is a breakdown of the quite tentative itenerary:

Liero Hackathon

Anything Liero-related is fair game for this virtual hackathon:

In all likelihood most of us will be working on WebLiero mods, but really, anything goes.

Discover, Learn, Make

Several knowledgeable wurms will be attending, providing a great opportunity to learn from experienced mappers, modders, and hackers.

If you are interested in Liero hacking, modding, and making, we would love for you to join us!

Friendly Competition

After the jam is completed, we will collect the completed works and sort them into categories. Participants will be able to vote for their favorite works in each category and special prizes will be awarded. The categories may vary based on the submissions we receive, but for example:

And many more?

We don't know exactly where the jam will take us. Come improvise with us to find out!